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Latest Technology Reviews Are The Best Guides

There are many websites offering detailed reviews of the latest technology coming up. These reviews can be latest gadget review, latest technology reviews or reviews of the appliances. These reviews have all the information related to the particular product. For example you want to buy a laptop but you are not sure which one to buy. In that case you can check out a website which offers latest laptop reviews. In this way, you will know all about its tech specifications, price, performance, details related to the laptop and the bad bits of the laptop.

So, by reading a review before buying a laptop, you will have a good knowledge and you will not make a bad decision. You will go in for the one which meets your expectations. These reviews are written by tech enthusiasts who look for every details and then offer an unbiased review. So, information as review is correct and reliable. By experiencing the evaluations of the product you are going to buy, at length, you can easily know and understand the exact configuration of the product.

Another good thing about these reviews is that you can easily keep yourself updated with the current happenings in the technology market. Even if you don’t want to buy a particular gadget but you read the latest gadget news and latest gadget reviews, it will keep you aware of latest technology. Reading these knowledgeable reviews will help you in understanding the functions of the gadgets and you will discover, if you want such a thing in future or not and if not what exactly you would like to have.

From different gadget reviews websites, you can easily get the evaluations concerning the diverse cool gadgets such as personal computers, laptops, MP3 Players, cameras, mobile phone devices, tablets and also camcorders etc. A reader may also feel the descriptions concerning the solutions because of the producers and also remarks through others who’re consumers from the solution. As a reader, you are also encouraged to provide your remarks or even make clear your encounters using the completely new devices. In the event the readers’ features sufficient period and they will for sure experience huge evaluation. Such evaluations keep the readers updated about the latest gadget news and latest gadget reviews.

There are many websites offering reviews of tablets, laptops, TV, Cameras, Computers, Mobile phones, MP3 Players etc. and the trusted sources are always expected to bring on the true and interesting reviews. Hub of Gadgets is a technology review website and you can find all the latest technology reviews here.

Latest Technology Making The News

Technology is the lifeline of the busy routine of today. There has been nothing more obliging than the latest technology to see off the pressing concerns of a modern lifestyle. Wherever there is talk of an innovation, technology is the first thing that comes to mind. This is because though the idea may be relevant to some other walk of life but it can only span its reach through technology and the latest advents it has brought about. It is very common to see the latest gadgets and technology making the headlines every other day. Here are some of the latest technological marvels doing the rounds these days.

Curved UHD TVs

Gone are the days of the flat screens and sleek LCDs and even LEDs are going out of vogue slowly. The future presents a brighter picture with curved screen UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs that are slowly making their way to the market and consumers. These new age TVs have decidedly higher resolutions, somewhere to the tune of 5120X 2160 pixels and high aspect ratio like 21:9, and therefore present a much better picture quality. The screens afford a truly optimized picture suited aptly for different viewing environments and preferences.

Acer Iconia W4 Tablet

Acer is one of the innovators in the market for computing devices. Since the time computers are slowly being replaced by tablets, there have been a host of new and innovative products introduced to entice. Acer Iconia W4 is one the most affordably attractive among these. Sporting an 8″ screen with IPS and zero air gap technologies, this tablet gives users an enhanced experience with regard to clarity and brightness. Housing a fourth generation Intel Atom Processor, it is swift as well as easy to use since it comes preinstalled with Windows 8. Another aspect worth mentioning is the superb battery life that gives a user great value for money.


Long drives are a lot of fun. But they can also be extremely dangerous if undertaken with a sleepy head. But this is something drivers won’t have to worry about anymore. Vigo, a new wearable device, keeps you on track by nudging you when you tend to doze off on a long drive. And the most amusing aspect is that it can also be used by students to prevent them from nodding off in a class or lecture. On a serious note, the device tracks patterns from your body movements and blink durations and intensities to decide when you are sleepy and gives suitable stimuli to wake you up in time. Vigo can be used like a Bluetooth headset and is capable of doing much more than just nudging you awake.

Geeks On Site: Gadgets Go Green

Last July, a pilot flew an experimental solar-powered plane for 26 hours without using a single drop of fuel. Then in August, teams from three continents set off on a trip around the world in 80 days driving solar powered cars. With headlines like these hitting the technology news sections, perhaps a glimmer of hope is shining for the future of our environment. Geeks On Site takes environmental friendliness to heart, and we believe that a lot can be accomplished with small actions (like printing on both sides of the paper, if you must print!). So how can the average consumers do their part in keeping the earth green, the oceans blue, and the sky full of breathable air? You will be surprised at the range of inexpensive options offered by new technology to be “in the green.”


You might have seen a few solar panels here and there, but did you know that you can now charge pretty much anything on the go with solar power? This goes for a wide range of items from phones and cameras to iPods and mp3 players. Some solar chargers will even charge your laptop. When put in direct sunlight, solar chargers harness the heat of the sun and transform it to energy. This means that you no longer need to worry about your items’ battery levels before leaving your house. You simply need to bring your charger with you, and connect your portable device to the charger with a USB cable (or some come with custom cables) and charge away while working on your tan. Some chargers also come with an internal battery that will save the energy for later use.


The winter is approaching, meaning higher electricity bills for those who want to keep their households warm and cozy. Many companies are now targeting consumers with energy management devices that monitor the amount of energy usage in your household. Competition between these companies has contributed to the development of a variety of features in the devices, ranging from the ability to control your appliances via mobile phone to monitoring real-time energy prices. Energy management equipment usually consists of computer software and a central panel that monitors your household’s energy consumption. Some software allows you to enter data from your old utility bills to make an estimate of your past consumption, and shows you how much lower you can go. To name two appliances available in the market, you can check Intel’s Intelligent Home Energy Management or The Energy Detective (TED), which works with Google’s free PowerMeter software.


If you feel that merely monitoring your household’s energy consumption is not enough, you can take it a step further by getting familiar with power saving gadgets, such as surge protectors that automatically shut down outlets whey they are not in use. For example, the iGo Green technology product line has brought to the market surge protectors that you can connect to several outlets at a time. The company has also developed chargers that consume little energy. These so called “travel chargers” are a practical solution if you do extensive traveling (they can be plugged into a car or airplane outlet), or live in an area where relying on solar chargers is not a viable option.

You do not have to be a “geek” to know many more green gadgets are on their way, but while you are waiting why not try out the Geeks On Site recommended items listed in this article. Stay tuned for more green tips from Geeks On Site!